Chelsea Frampton called to Dominica Bar

by: - November 14, 2013
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Chelsea Dionne Frampton

Chelsea Dionne Frampton standing outside the High Court of Justice after being admitted to the Dominica Bar (photo credit: Gareth Frampton)

Chelsea Dionne Frampton was admitted to the Dominica Bar on Thursday November 14 at the High Court. She took her oath before Justice Birnie Stephenson.

Aunt and mentor Joan Prevost described Miss Frampton as a “worthy addition” to the legal profession in Dominica.

She is the daughter of Julie and Paul Frampton and attended the Convent Preparatory School until Grade 5 when she moved to Antigua with her family.

At some point during the four years her family lived abroad, she attended the Christ the King High School in Antigua and completed her high school education at the Convent High School before enrolling in college here.

Within a year she was enrolled at the University of the West Indies Cave Hill campus in Barbados where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Law with honours in 2011. She then pursued studies at the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad.

According to attorney at law Mary Roberts, during Frampton’s internship at Prevost & Roberts Chambers, she worked unsupervised with the files handed to her and “produced excellent work”.

Chelsea Dionne Frampton with her parents Julie and Paul Frampton

Chelsea Dionne Frampton with her parents Julie and Paul Frampton (photo credit: Gareth Frampton)

“Miss Frampton also met with the clients and I was impressed with the maturity and competence she displayed.”

Roberts encouraged her to provide professional time and resources to ensure fulfilment in her chosen career and encouraged her to become a member of the Dominica Bar Association.

Miss Frampton after taking her oath said, “It is an honour to stand before this honourable court with humility and ultimately a feeling of satisfaction, accomplishment and happiness as the newest member of the legal fraternity and this noble and learned profession.”

She said, “Five years of relentless and dedicated study has come to an end and that in itself is an accomplishment and must be applauded; however it is today that actually marks my life as an attorney of law and from all accounts it is now the real work begins.”

It is her intention to apply the same dedication she used during studies to her work as an attorney at law and to seek guidance from those who are more senior in the profession than she is as “being a successful attorney at law cannot be done in isolation”.

Her journey she said was not an easy one as there were times when the workload was overwhelming and unforeseen circumstances fought to blow her future plans and “tears were shed”.

The support from her family, friends, loved ones and the “grace of the Almighty” she explained made such times seem miniscule. “I can say for myself that I am definitely blessed.”

She thanked her mentors attorneys Mary Roberts and aunt Joan Prevost, her parents, brother Gareth and friends.

“The sacrifices you make for me cannot be put into words; both of you have been my foundation,” she said to her parents.

Moreover, Justice Birnie Stephenson urged her to remember that she is “the advocate and not the participants in the matters before the court”.

“I implore you to avoid becoming emotionally and personally involved in your matters. To do so I guarantee you will become heartbroken and disillusioned.”

She was also cautioned to not let negative words crowd out the positive achievements she has made in her life.

“Concentrate on what you are doing…the sooner you discipline yourself to this the better it will be for you.”

Miss Frampton is the fourth newest addition to the Dominica Bar within two months.

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