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National tourism policy workshop hosted at the Fort Young Hotel

by: - January 23, 2019
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The Government of Dominica through the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and Discover Dominica Authority (DDA) will host a one day National Tourism Policy Workshop.

The Government of Dominica through the Ministry of Tourism and the DDA will partner with stakeholders in the tourism sector to chart the way forward in keeping with Government’s vision for climate resilience.

The Fort Young Hotel in Roseau will be the location of the industry’s National Tourism Policy Workshop that will take place on Wednesday January 23rd, 2019 from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

A selection of 40 key stakeholders representing different segments of the tourism industry will attend the workshop to develop the: overarching vision; mission; objectives and; targets for the tourism industry.

The National Tourism Workshop will be facilitated by the global tourism consultancy, Tourism Intelligence International.

The company’s international team of experts that will attend this workshop include: Dr. Auliana Poon; Tourism and Technology Strategist Yvonne Armour-Hill; Tourism Human Resources Expert Mr. Kevon Wilson; Senior Analyst and Dr. Christian Potthoff-Sewing Global Investment Specialist.

The   team   of   consultants   will   work   with participating   stakeholders  to  develop  a future-oriented, market-driven and globally relevant  National  Tourism  Policy  that  will ensure   tourism   benefits   each   and   every Dominican.

The National Tourism Policy Workshop will deploy the German Goal Oriented Project Planning (GOPP) Method, which   is   an interactive  workshop  technique  that promises to involve all participating stakeholders.

This German planning tool is Tourism Intelligence International Tourism and Technology a robust, effective and state-of-the-art Strategist, Dr. Auliana Poon meets with President of the Dominica Community Tourism Association Inc. Josephine Dublin-Prince. Workshop moderation technique that helps groups to define clear objectives and design implementable and achievable strategies.

According to Colin Piper, CEO of DDA, “the National Tourism Policy is a critical initiative for the growth and sustainable development of Dominica’s tourism”.  He adds that “the natural and cultural heritage resources that make up the foundation for tourism in Dominica are fragile and irreplaceable.”

It   is   therefore   essential   that   tourism   development   be   carefully   planned   and managed”.  We know too well the effects that natural disasters such as hurricane Maria has had on the destination. Dominica is the Nature Isle and without its natural resources there is no tourism product to sell.

Similarly, without the people of Dominica, tourism development will be impossible.

Critical to the success of tourism in Dominica is the conservation of both cultural and natural resources; that local communities and the people of Dominica benefit and are truly involved in the   planning   and   implementation   of   tourism;   that   tourism   development   takes   place   in   a sustainable   manner;   and   that   partnerships   among   government,   the   private   sector   and   local communities   become   key   vehicles   for   achieving   Dominica’s   strategy   of   sustainable   tourism development.

The development of eco-tourism as a lead sector is not simply the development and management of national parks or conservation of wildlife, but involves an entire system of wealth-creating activities – from production and marketing activities to government regulation and enforcement.

As such, the National Tourism Policy will focus on using tourism as a vehicle to create wealth and activate other sectors of the economy, particularly the services sector and the environment. For example, the linkage between eco-tourism and the environmental services value chain will be explored and developed as well as those with organic agriculture, wildlife adventure, health and wellness and others.