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Make Your Outdoor Living Space More Habitable

by: - February 3, 2017
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By: Garn Todd Joseph & Jillian La Rocque
Marketing Officers for the Millenia Group of Companies

Spending more time outdoors reduces the tendency to get bored at home along with providing several other benefits to individuals, and by extension the entire family such as reduction of stress, boosting of the body’s immune system, improvement of attention and memory, and the creation of many avenues for family bonding and socializing. Incorporating outdoor living space as part of your home design capitalizes on those benefits. Today we offer a few simple, quick and easy tips to make your outdoor living space more habitable:

Many homeowners treat their porches merely as a gateway to the front door. Adding some modern furniture to the porch will give it a comfortable interior feel which will allow you to spend some more time there socializing with friends and family or relaxing and enjoying the scenery.

Plants are a cost effective method of beautifying an area. They add color and fragrance which makes the space more appealing and welcoming. Including plants in your outdoor living space has the added benefit of blending with nature, creating a calm and natural aesthetic. You can also connect your outdoor and indoor living spaces by continuing with the use of plants inside.

Lighting is a very important aspect of indoor living, and is as equally important to outdoor living. By using more modern and stylish light fixtures such as hanging outdoor lamps, your outdoor living space will become more appealing.

Add a few outdoor décor pieces, and fabric on the furniture following a color scheme that best compliments the paint color and you may even start living in your outdoor space!

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