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Interior Design Tips

by: Garn Todd Joseph - November 29, 2016
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by Garn Todd Joseph
Website & Advertising Assistant for the Millenia Group of Companies

Interior design is the process of shaping the experience of interior spaces for the betterment of human functionality. It is important that your home is aesthetically pleasing and welcoming first and foremost to you the occupant, it speaks of who you are, and it is a comfortable space that you enjoy living in. It is also of almost equal importance that your home is pleasing to your guests and visitors. In this article we discuss a few tips to help transform the interior of your home into a well-designed space.

• A small room has the tendency to seem cramped, light colored walls makes rooms appear larger than they actually are. While darker colors will make a room feel smaller.

• If you already have existing furniture and décor it is wise to pick paint colors that best complement your upholstery, artwork, rug and whatever else is in the room.

• Do not overcrowd a room with furniture that will take up needed space. Spend more of your budget on fewer pieces of furniture that are of greater quality, and your room will look better.

• Most designers recommend adding at least one large statement piece, such as a large armoire or cabinet in a room no matter how small. A mixture of large and small furniture pieces is the key to a successful living room layout.

Add plants to your living space. Plants are an inexpensive way to accessorize your space while adding fresh air, balance and humidity. Add as many as you desire to any room. Every home could use a touch of Mother Nature!

If you desire having a single color scheme such as all-white, texture is very important to consider. At first glance a room can seem like a single color present, but if you look close enough you will notice various shades of the same color and plenty of texture via fabrics and textiles. An all-white room may have linen draperies, a plush velvet chair, shiny silk cushions, and a nubby cotton sofa. All of these elements add texture and pleases the eye, creating a warm, rich environment.

Wallpaper is an interesting way to transform your home, whether you choose to wallpaper a single wall or the entire room. But with so many designs and patterns to choose from, making a decision of which wallpaper will fit best can be difficult. Whichever design and color you go for always choose a paper with a high quality finish and a softer tone of ink and print mark. Steer clear of cheaper prints on shiny papers; these will look obtrusive and overpowering.

Art & Photos:
One of the best ways to express your personality in your home is with the use of photographs and pieces of art.
• An unmatched assortment of pictures, art, and mementos brings an informal free-spirited feel to a space.
• For a clean and classic look, hang matching frames in a grid pattern by carefully measuring the space in between each piece.
• Installing an art ledge creates an opportunity for an ever-evolving picture gallery.

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