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Hallway Decorating Tips

by: - October 7, 2016
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By: Jillian La Rocque & Garn Todd Joseph
Marketing Officers for the Millenia Group of Companies

Hallways are usually neglected when a home is being decorated. It may be because it is only used to pass through and no length of time is spent there. Hallways are sometimes difficult to decorate. They are usually either left undecorated, or they are too cluttered, leaving guests and residents feeling like they are navigating an obstacle course any time they want to get around. Use these tips to create a hallway space that is welcoming and interesting:-

Paint and Wallpaper:
Paint is a tremendous decorating choice for any hallway. It is inexpensive and can be completed within a few hours. Choose a light color for the side walls, and a slighter darker hue for the ceiling and the wall at the end of the hallway to really make the area stand out. Wallpaper can also be used to add more flare to the hallway. Go for a pattern that is strong, rich in color, and unique.

Photos and artwork:
Hallways are the perfect location for displaying family portraits and works of art. Traditionally, that is what they were mainly used for. When hanging the pieces, avoid being too cluttered by choosing a few photographs or paintings that are about the same size. In addition to similar size pieces, use similar frames as well, and hang them in a straight horizontal line at eye level.

Use mirrors to brighten up the path. Hallways often lack windows to soak up natural light. Adding mirrors is one way to solve this. Use a mix of designs and shapes for a more eye-catching effect.

If your hallway is wide enough, consider placing furniture along the walls. For example, a “hall tree” placed near an entry or exit door at the end of the hallway is good for holding items. A storage bin for shoes can be included, or if you want a less practical and more formal look, a foyer table, with drawers for placing or storing items.

Plants fill up a room with warmth and life. Consider using decorative, potted plants to bring the feeling of nature indoors. Have them arranged in line with the corridor to create a welcoming path through your home. Not only do indoor plants improve the beauty of the home, they provide some sort of way of improving the climate. What’s more, you can swap and change individual plants or pots to suit your mood.

Apart from the tips provided in this article there are many little things that can be done to improve your hallway by making it more inviting and having it stand out. Use your creativity, consider your personal style, and use your imagination to create endless possibilities.