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Consider Adding a Mud Room to Your Home Design

by: by Jillian La Rocque Marketing & Sales Officer for the Millenia Group of Companies - August 4, 2016
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by Jillian La Rocque
Marketing & Sales Officer for the Millenia Group of Companies

Today we are inside, and just entered the mud room. Not commonly built here in Dominica, a mud room is essentially a room which is built into houses to act as a barrier between outdoors and indoors. This type of room is especially useful in regions with wet weather conditions that generate a lot of mud. Hence this room would make a wonderful addition to a Caribbean home during the rainy season.

Normally, a mud room has floors made from materials such as tile, concrete, or linoleum, which are easy to clean. A well designed mud room has ample hooks and racks, and shelving for damp clothing and shoes. Clothing that has been soiled can be removed in the mud room to prevent scents from being carried into the main living area. Benches can also be installed for individuals to sit while they remove their shoes adding a sense comfort to the room.

The room is usually entered via a side door or a backyard door, and is rarely used as the main entrance of a home. A washer and dryer can be added to the room for the sake of convenience, or the room can serve as both the laundry and the mud room.

Finally a mud room can be very practical for pet owners. The animals can also remain in the mud room while their owners take care of business inside of the house, or they can be cleaned in the room before entering the home.

Seeing that a mud room connects the indoors and outdoors, a home without a mud room can easily add an extension to the home in order to create one.

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