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Using the Design Element of Color

by: - July 13, 2016
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Using the Design Element of Color

by Jillian La Rocque
Marketing & Sales Officer for the Millenia Group of Companies

The element of color can beautify any room. Color has the ability to make a room appear warmer or cooler, larger or smaller than it actually is. The appropriate paint color can hide unappealing features or take attention to a particular point of interest. Even the addition of the simplest décor and furnishings along with proper color can transform a room. The colors of the rooms in your home should be reflective of your personality because it affects every day of our lives. Color can influence our mood and even the way we think. It affects individuals in many ways, depending on their age, gender, ethnic background or local climate. So when it comes to decorating, it is important to choose wisely.

1) If you want to have a picturesque home, you can’t be preoccupied with trends because like everything else in life color trends will come and go. Just as long as you blend appropriate colors you like into a pleasing combination.

2) Remember that colors have psychological values. Put thought into how specific colors make individuals feel; they can influence many feeling from anger to serenity.

3) When planning the color pattern for each room in your home you need to ask yourself what mood you want to create and which colors can assist you in achieving that mood.

4) Limit the amount of colors used in one particular room to no more than three or four. Too many colors can make a room look busy or cluttered.

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