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Makeover Your Home for a Quick Sale

by: - July 8, 2016
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by Jillian La Rocque
Marketing & Sales Officer for the Millenia Group of Companies

When placing your home on the market, an assessment of the home and how it will appeal to a prospective buyer MUST be done. By now, you may have gotten numb to the cracking paint on the window sill; the coffee stains on your cushions; and the outdated and aged paint on the wall but know that the prospect is taking all these into consideration. Here are some simple budget-friendly ideas for making over your home so it looks inviting to a prospect:

1) Giving your windows a makeover is a quick and relatively cheap way to improve the look and feel of every room simply by letting in more light, installing neater blinds or fashionable shutters and replacing heavy, bland or worn curtains with ones which have more vibrant colors and are in good condition.

2) A job that you can do with a little bit of know-how and a lot of patience, repainting and repairing certain areas can improve the appearance of your home and extend the life of your current paint job.

3) Girls who get makeovers make small improvements (eye brow wax, lash tints) that can make a big difference. Try to look over your home with a critical eye and replace knobs and handles on cupboards, cabinets and drawers in rooms like the kitchen and bathroom. Don’t forget to look closely at those wobbly legs on your furniture as well!

4) Fixing floors isn’t a quick or budget-friendly fix. But if your flooring looks a bit under the weather, a well-placed and fashionable rug can hide all sorts of sins. It can separate large spaces, demarcating areas like the lounge in an open plan room, and bright colours can warm up the overall atmosphere.

5) Presenting a home that’s well-kept and fashionable makes a great first impression. Light fittings are central fixtures that attract the eye, and if yours are old-fashioned or mismatched, it can be a quick giveaway of the age of your home. Visit a large hardware or lighting store and pick up some new, modern fixtures that won’t break your budget.

6) Redecorate using your existing furniture pieces. A new look can be created by painting, re-purposing, or re-covering furniture pieces. New life can be given to tired sofas with slipcovers, or layers of textiles and pillows.

Whatever changes you decide to make, take a fresh look at your space and focus on the positive attributes of the room. Work on enhancing these, and downplaying or changing the areas that don’t work quite as well.

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