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Using the Design Element of Size

by: - June 15, 2016
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Using the Design Element of Size

The size element is important to any design concept. Before any design is executed, the available space must be considered in order that whatever item, whether functional or decorative, that is placed in the space has adequate room for its placement and is proportionate to the size of the other items.

Selecting huge furniture or décor may limit the amount of space to move around which may then affect the intended use or enjoyment of the space. On the other hand, a large room with very small furniture or décor and large areas of empty space, in most cases, looks drained of its character and warmth. Further, no good design allows for wasted space.

The use of the size element allows you to accentuate a focal point i.e. an area or design piece that you want to draw attention to because of its uniqueness and importance in another design element such as color.

The size of an item many times is also determined by its use in the room. The coffee table should not be bigger than one of your guest chairs in your drawing room (as seen in the photo). The room’s main purpose is to sit and gather therefore the chair is the dominant piece of furniture, and the use of the coffee table is secondary.

So, when buying the next furniture piece, consider the space it will take in the room and how its size would fit in with the other furniture and décor already in there.

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by Jillian La Rocque
Marketing & Sales Officer for the Millenia Group of Companies