130 Names Submitted for Public Service Appointment

by: - July 8, 2020
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The Hon Minister for Governance, Public Service Reform, and Citizen Empowerment, Gretta Roberts.


One-hundred and thirty submissions have been made for appointments to the public service.

There are several categories of public servants inclusive of the public sector statutory bodies like the Dominica Air and Seaports Authority and Dominica Social Security.

Cabinet Secretary, Ambassador Steve Ferrol revealed that established, non-established, contractual employees and interns total just over 4200 in the public sector.

Of this figure, 3009 are established and 917 are non-established.

Government workers are plagued by the long wait to be appointed into the service and reap the benefits of long-term service.

In a conversation with the Hon Prime Minister on Sunday Evening, the  Hon Minister for Governance, Public Service Reform, Citizen Empowerment, Gretta Roberts made the announcement.

“I’m happy to inform that during the last six months we have now processed and submitted recommendations to the Public Service Commission for approval of different categories of public officers,” she said adding “This includes 60 in the teaching service to include principals, qualified teachers and graduate teachers. We have 30 junior clerks and then we still have 40 or so officers from general positions within the service. All these have been submitted.”

“The public service is in dire need of these changes,” the Minister said. “Reform is a must, but it does not only rest in structural changes and processes but it requires a paradigm shift in attitudes. What we need is a committed work force, people who are eager and willing to work towards improving the public service.  The onus is therefore, on every public officer to make it an emotional investment to ensure what we are planning can really take route and blossom.”

The Minister made a rallying cry to all public officers, “I am appealing to all public officers in all 16 ministries and all five departments within the public service to strive towards greater efficiency and effectiveness in the service.”