Agriculture Ministry Pleased with Produce Glut

by: - May 29, 2020
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The Division of Agriculture welcomes the glut in fresh produce available for purchase across the island.

The Division of Agriculture’s backyard gardening programme has put seedlings in the homes of more than 800 families since the programme rolled out last month.

“It is evident as we walk around as consumers that we have a bumper crop on our hands now this offers us the opportunity to do something much more than just basic production,” says Dr Almario Casimir, Project Coordinator in the Division of Agriculture.

He adds that the Ministry is pleased that there is fresh and nutritious food.

The real concern, he says, is the need for agro-processors to store these foods.

“It augurs the opportunity for export and for agro processing and this with regards to the upcoming hurricane season is of significance…to the availability of food, Dr Casimir explained. “That is of concern, the island’s ability to store food especially in this kind of treacherous time- hurricane season.”

He confirmed that, “From a productive point of view, which is our basic mandate, we are very much encouraged by the increased production and we would like to see much more productivity at the farm gate level.”