PM Skerrit: Significant Cuts If Covid Financial Crisis Continues

by: - May 28, 2020
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The Hon Prime Minister has somberly cautioned public servants that jobs could be cut if the financial and fiscal conditions continue.

Hon Roosevelt Skerrit who is also Minister for Finance has disclosed that state revenues, like many other areas, locally and regionally have taken a massive hit from the coronavirus.

“We are in a situation that is not of our own making and practically overnight our lives have been altered,” he said advising “Fellow Dominicans, we must be realistic and pragmatic. If this situation continues for an extended period the government will have no choice but to make significant cuts.

“While the government has taken no decision to terminate anyone’s employment or salary, we should not take this for granted, as no one knows how long the challenges will persist.”

He told the employed and unemployed to be responsible, productive and creative.

“People should not take advantage of the work-from-home protocols to be unproductive because in the end all of us will lose out.

“I want to encourage all citizens to curtail unnecessary expenditures and be creative and innovative in seeking out job opportunities in other areas,” he said.