Antiguan 5th Formers to Return to School Next Week During Extended State of Emergency

by: - May 15, 2020
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The Director of Education, Clare Browne, has announced the provisions being implemented in secondary schools ahead of their scheduled reopening on Monday while the Antigua Parliament has extended the state of emergency a further two months.

Those school provisions include cleaning of school plants, ensuring adequate water supply,  inspection by health officials and the installation of extra hand washing stations and social distancing guidelines will apply.

Browne added that the first few days will be for teachers to prepare for the return of 5th form students to prepare for CXC exams slated for July 2020. Students will be completing SBAs and preparing for CXC examinations which will mainly take the form of multiple choice questions.

Other forms will continue to utilise e-learning platforms.

Meantime, yesterday, members of parliament passed a resolution that will allow the government to continue to enforce a State of Public Emergency for the country from May 30 until July 31 unless it is otherwise revoked.

On Thursday, all 12 members in attendance unanimously agreed to the extension which had been declared by the Governor General on March 25. This will give the government legal authority to extend curfew periods and to suspend the rights of residents as necessary, while the country prepares for the likelihood of a second wave of Covid-19.

Prime Minister, Gaston Browne reiterated the possibility of downsizing the public sector, warning “lazy workers” in the public sector that they will be the first to be severed.

“My government will go the extra mile to protect jobs. We do not believe in any form of retrenchment but you never can tell. If this thing continues and there is a second wave of Covid, especially in our source markets, you never can tell.

“There are some of you who are extremely lazy, you find every excuse not to work. You will be first to go home if we have to retrench, notwithstanding your political persuasion. We hope it doesn’t get to that stage but you have to understand if you remain unproductive, you’re literally making yourself redundant and you will be first to go,” Browne pledged.

(Antigua Observer)