Video: Public Servants Working from Home, Late Filing Penalty Waived for Taxes

by: - March 27, 2020
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From Thursday March 26th public servants have been told to work from home and reduce their risk of contracting or spreading the coronavirus of which there are 11 cases at this time.

This declaration excludes officers considered as providing essential and those directly involved in the management and execution of the national strategy.

Secretary to the Cabinet, His Excellency, Ambassador Steve Ferrol took to the airwaves on Friday to further elaborate.

He said heads of department will determine how essential their workers are and will advise accordingly.

For organisations which belong to the state but are not government departments, Ambassador Ferrol says, their leaders will also provide guidance of who stays at home to work and who comes in.

The directive to stay at home to work also excludes those who have underlying health conditions which increases their risk of contracting and surviving this flu-like illness

Ambassador Ferrol says those conditions must have been on record before the declaration.


March 31st remains the deadline for filing taxes although late filing fees will be waived.

The Hon Prime Minister who is Minister for Finance, Roosevelt Skerrit responded to a question this week that the deadline for outstanding tax payments is not deferred.

Just last month, he called out the island’s debtors to pay up disclosing that the state was owed taxes amounting to more than 257 million EC dollars.

That figure totals corporate tax, PAYE, personal income tax, VAT and professional license fees as of December 2019.

He had said “I am warning those hearing my voice to pay up by Ash Wednesday.  We all have a duty, having been entrusted with the responsibility of collecting tax on behalf of the state, we have to be diligent.”

Hon Skerrit had also stated that 1.9 million of the Cruise Environmental Levy is also owed to the state.

The announced deadline was April 1st.

Further to that, annual taxes are also due by March 31st.

Now amidst the myriad of financial challenges that businesses the world over are facing from the fallout of the coronavirus pandemic, the hon finance minister says that deadline remains in place.

Financial Secretary, Rosamund Edwards discussed the matter on a radio show on Friday.

She explained that the late penalties will only be waived for two months but debtors should pay up to finance the affairs of the state.


Watch the full discussion here:

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Posted by Roosevelt Skerrit on Friday, March 27, 2020