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by: - March 16, 2020
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To our valued customers and partners of Flow


We are facing an unprecedented situation with the Coronavirus. Developments are rapidly occurring. Decisions are being made in real-time that affect our colleagues, our families and our communities.

One thing that remains consistent and is critical in these moments is the ability for you to communicate with one another, connect with your loved ones, and conduct your business as best as possible in these challenging times. We understand that the products and services we deliver to you are absolutely essential. We need to be here for you and for our communities now more than ever. We know you are relying on us to stay connected.

We are committed to ensure you stay connected. Committed to serve hospitals, online schooling and to keep our governments online. We are helping families connect with one another to check if everyone is safe. We will continue to serve our small businesses who are relying on us to make sure they can process transactions. We are committed to ensure you stay connected in this time more than ever.

Flow’s leadership team is meeting continuously to assess and appropriately respond to the crisis as it evolves, to adjust our operations to maintain continuity, and to support the safety and health of those impacted. In addition, Flow is operating in accordance with guidance from local government and public health authorities. Of course, the health and welfare of both our employees and you remain a priority. We have put in place many virus-mitigating actions which result in a reduction of potential transmission. We have extensive online collaboration capabilities for you to communicate with us. We are working tirelessly to help everyone stay safe while at the same time continuing to serve you.

Please see below measures we are taking to help you stay connected and some more information on how you can contact us and stay connected.

Health and safety:

At Flow, we have always taken the health and safety of our customers and employees very seriously and we have the highest safety standards in the industry, often going beyond government and health guidelines.  We have taken now additional actions:

  • We have increased our store and office cleaning to 3x times a day.
  • We are frequently cleaning doors, counters and other high frequency touch areas.
  • We have given training and tools to our employees and external teams to keep them and you safe in case they need to install or do service checks inside your homes.
  • And we are following all Government (Ministry of Health) and World Health Organization guidelines as they evolve.


Customer Service & Stores:

We have many remote services solutions ready for you allowing you to work from home and avoid crowded areas.

Our customer call service team is there for you to help and we will be there for you 24/7 so you can:

  • Top up your prepaid plans with our MyFlow App, website, or any credit/debit card
  • Order new products and services you may need at this time
  • Check your account status
  • Pay Your Bills
  • Inform us of any service disruptions…
  • and much more information and services at your fingertips.
  • Call us at 1-800-804-2994 or visit
  • Find us online at
  • Download the MyFlow App in Google play and Apple Store


Our stores will remain open, but please check opening hours as they may change for safety reasons. Store Hours are available at: or via our social media platforms.


Importantly, we ask you to pay your bills in our kiosk as we will only be accepting check payments in the cashiers for your own safety.

Of notice: Due to the unprecedented nature of this situation you may experience at times a longer waiting period given the extra demand, that we ask your understanding.


Keeping our network up 

We have the biggest coverage and the highest capacity mobile network in the country, and we are rolling out best in class fixed network technology across Dominica.


  • We have activated our emergency plan and our technical team heroes will be working around the clock to fix any service interruption issues to keep you and your businesses connected.
  • We will prioritize Hospitals, first respondent services, Pharmacies, government institutions, Banks, Supermarkets, gas stations, our loyal customers and businesses and we will follow all Government guidelines.


We are by your side, keeping you connected.


Jeffrey Baptiste 

General Manager

Flow Dominica