VAT Removed from Select Adult and Baby Products

by: - February 14, 2020
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                                                          Hon Gretta Roberts

In the interest of babies and the senior population, the House of Parliament has agreed to completely remove VAT from specific items designed to make life more comfortable for senior citizens.

In July 2014, Government announced the removal of import duties on adult and diapers.

This time, according to Gretta Roberts, Hon Minister of Governance, Public Service Reform, Citizen Empowerment, Social Justice and Ecclesiastical Affairs, the 15% Value-Added Tax will also go with retroactive effect from September 2019.

“In identification of the needs of the communities, we recognise that among the elderly and infants, there are some articles and equipment that can be used to provide better and more professional care,” the Minister began.

She listed, “adult diapers, baby diapers, baby wipes, bath boards, bath steps, bath lifts and hoists, shower chairs and reclining beds.”

Hon Roberts says, “The goal is always to make the quality of life better for citizens.”