Finesse Beauty House of Fashion Embarks on Second Edition of its Sewing Training Entrepreneurship Program

by: - February 6, 2020
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Kimara Matthew

Finesse Beauty House of Fashion supported by the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce embarks on the second edition of its Sewing Training Entrepreneurship Program otherwise known as S.T.E P. This program commences from February 1st, 2020 for a duration of six weeks. 

Founder of this initiative and owner of Finesse Beauty House of Fashion remarked, “We are convinced that this will surely inspire the fashion design minded youth and lend the momentum needed to create that shift in their lives. Our company is well aware of the challenges that youth face on a daily basis. As a result, we have made it part of our mandate to create an avenue that will have a positive impact on those who are willing to embrace this opportunity.”

This valuable initiative seeks to achieve a number of objectives over the four-week period. Primarily, it seeks to reduce the unemployment rate in Dominica through the creation of a platform for individuals who work better with their hands. This, in turn, will create a pool of qualified individuals who can be referred to other companies for employment in the fashion industry. As a comprehensive program, S.T.E.P. will encourage young and upcoming entrepreneurs to create their own sewing businesses, as well as prepare the participants for the workplace.

As a result of this program, participants will not only gain the required vital skill of sewing but they will also be able to execute exceptional and quality customer service, whilst addressing emotional intelligent issues that may affect job performance.

Mrs. Matthew also stated, “We are convinced that the positive outcome of this project will be beneficial not just to the participants but also help revamp our slow moving economy. It is our hope that more persons would be empowered and be integrated into the system. This should create more economic activities, hence resulting in a more dynamic economy.”

Special thanks was made to  NDFD, and DAIC who made the 2020 program possible.