Road Mapped for New Digital Dominica

by: - February 4, 2020
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Government is zooming in on a new Dominica that is more open to electronic business.

Hon Senator Cassani Laville, Minister for the Digital Economy says the route to a more tech-friendly Dominica is becoming clearer with the identification of the challenges.

At a press conference on Monday, February 3rd Senator Laville said a digital Dominica is right in line with sustainable development and worth investment.

“We have therefore engaged numerous stakeholders including the World Bank, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, various ministries, organisations and private sector partners to investigate the challenges and develop initiatives,” he revealed.

He says Government is ready to create policy and use secured financing to bring all arms of government, economic and social sectors together in an eco-system approach to meet the goal.

He listed several areas which he hopes will be digitalised by the time this new thrust is underway.

High speed internet, and low cost and reliable broadband are at the top of that list.

Senator Laville emphasized that secure platforms for digital financial transactions will be necessary as well as a pool of resource people who are literate in e-services and can thrive in this new economy.

He listed others:

“The establishment of a National Emergency Response Team for cyber security management… building the capacity of the staff of the Financial Services Unit to license, supervise and give oversight to e-money issuers…implementation of a unique digital identifier; review and amendment of the policy, legal and regulatory frameworks to facilitate the use of digital signatures;  implementation of an e-cabinet, an e-document management system within the public service; e-arrangements will be available for all payments to government including licenses and tax payable at Customs among other services.”

He also identified e-payment of government disbursements, trade and immigration kiosks, distance learning for students, e-health service management, and entrepreneurship support.

He says that list was compiled in consultation with stakeholders and experts and an EC $54m loan was secured to fund this project.

Hon Senator Cassani Laville