“Experience Dominica: The Ultimate Digital Guide to the Nature Island”

by: - January 23, 2020
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                         DHTA Digital Guidebook

The DHTA for 9 years, has produced its destination Magazine “Experience Dominica”; an essential marketing tool for the destination. Working along with printing and editorial partners, the association has been able to successfully highlight Dominica’s Tourism industry; at one point being the only destination magazine for the island.

The new Experience Dominica in digital format will be help visitors to plan their holidays to Dominica or provide information during their stay on Island.  The digital magazine will be easy to navigate and the content will be arranged in categories to include: Where to stay, Culinary experiences, Adventure space, festivals, culture and much more a total of 10 categories.


Experience Dominica will be powered by Touch Stay, a digital welcome platform enabling the association to share up to date destination information with visitors; thereby creating a more personalized experience. The platform will support the industry and its stakeholders by creating a trusted portal for destination information, activities, products and services and will provide an avenue for the industry to showcase their products and services in a format that is more readily accessible to the market.   According to the Executive Vice President- Kevin Francis, “Experience Dominica is for everyone. Both locals and visitors can access the digital magazine to discover new or classic accommodations, taste exciting or familiar flavours at restaurant partners, or go seeking adventure with experienced tour operators and trained guides and so much more.”


Experience Dominica will also focus on how to get to Dominica from the different source markets, how to get around Dominica and Safety Tips for visitors.  Distribution will also take a tech forward approach with the placement of QR codes at key visitor locations and ports of entry, making it instantly available. Opportunities to advertise in the guidebook are available through the DHTA, for more information about advertising on “Experience Dominica: The Ultimate Guide to the Nature Island” call 7672757454 or email