Dominica Does Not Have Gender Equality Issue- Business & Professional Women

by: - January 20, 2020
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The Dominica chapter of Business and Professional Women says the island does not have an issue with gender equality.

President of the group, Rhoda St. John says while nations of the world struggle to even the playing field for both men and women, Dominica is already there.

“There is now a global fight for gender equality but does Dominica have an issue with gender equality? No,” she said.

St. John added, “We have women at the highest levels of our society, who hold the positions of CEO, directors, business owners, women who are in Parliament, in Government.”

She referenced deceased, Dame Mary Eugenia Charles, the Iron Lady of the Caribbean.

“Dominica is unique when it comes to gender equality and we should be proud that we are leading the way and we should be proud to say that we do not have an issue where gender equality is concerned.”

She says the global struggle to close to close the wage gap between men and women is not a factor for the island.

“The same job that a man can do, women are now doing. I know women who operate [heavy machinery] and climb electrical poles,” St. John said.

She gave an example, “A man applied for a position and a woman applied for the exact same position and they both got the position. When the man found out that the woman had gotten the job, he asked for higher pay because he felt that he should not be int he same bracket as a woman and they increased his pay and left the woman at the lower pay.”

St. John is gratified that, “We don’t have that in Dominica. When the pay is set, it doesn’t matter what gender, the pay is set.”

She assures, “We are at the forefront of gender-equality.”