New Vendors Market for Roseau?

by: - January 20, 2020
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The idea of a new vendors market has been suggested to stakeholders in the capital.

The Hon Prime Minister who is Minister for Planning, Sustainable Development and Finance, Roosevelt Skerrit shared his thoughts to make vending more comfortable and sanitary in the future.

“Can we, in the third decade of the 21st century, still have people killing a cow in the village, bringing it to town and have the meat exposed throughout the day?,” he asked. “We have to upgrade the way we ply our trade, the way our fresh produce is displayed.”

Speaking of the vendors, he said, “These are hardworking people who spend 24 hours standing from the night before into the next day to make a living. They are in the elements and there is some cultural and traditional aspects to it but we have to upgrade this.”

“We can maintain those aspects because I think this is major attraction but we can upgrade it and make it more sanitary and aesthetically appealing  to all of us.”

This idea of a new market comes as part of the Roseau Enhancement Project.