BPW Dominica Wants”Any Woman Who Has Ambition”

by: - January 16, 2020
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The Dominica Chapter of Business and Professional Women reintroduced its self to society on Thursday morning in a bid to invite more women to join the network.

Business and professional women is affiliated with UN Women which champions and supports women’s issues.

The aim is to work for women’s economic independence, equal opportunity and representation in civil and political life. It also advocates and encourages women through programmes and networking.

The executive of BPW Dominica outlined their calendar of activities for 2020 which includes a Tea Party and a Hearts and Heels event among several others.

Chapter President, Rhoda St John responded to the question of which women can join the BPW.

“Any woman who has ambition, who wants to develop herself, who sees herself at a higher level in the next six months to a year to even next week,” she said. “Women who see themselves as making a difference and able to make a difference. We have a number of women who live because they live; they get up every day because they are alive. As a woman, what is your passion? What is your destination? Where do you see yourself next week? Any woman who wants to move a step forward is welcome to join the organisation.”

Dominica is one of six Caribbean chapters with five upcoming.

BPW Dominica is three years old but this year, BPW International will be 90 years old.

Rhoda St. John, BPW Dominica President