Parking Metres for Roseau Under Discussion

by: - January 15, 2020
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Parry Bellot (file photo)

A proposal is under consideration for the installation of parking meters in Roseau and possibly Portsmouth.

Parry Bellot of ParBel Enterprises and other private sector entities are in discussion with government to execute this initiative to ease congestion in the capital.

“It’s been getting worse and likely to continue to worsen unless someone or some group tries to deal with the problem,” Bellot told Dominica Vibes. “I and another consultant came up with the idea to start by introducing parking metres in Roseau.”

Parking metres allow drivers to buy limited parking times.

“If one buys half an hour, one has to then move on, they can’t stay parked in that spot; so that eases up the parking spots,” he explained.

He says the plan has been in the development stages for the past six months.

Bellot says much of the details have yet to be ironed out but the meters have been sourced and suppliers will be arriving next week for site visits and further discussions.

“We got great interest and [we were asked] to look at Portsmouth too so they will visit some sites there. This is not something that will happen next month but within a few months, we should have the first parking metres in Dominica.”

He says instead of traditionally-used coins or tokens, specially-designed cards will be used to buy parking time and space.

Bellot says the Dominica Police Force, Government, the Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce, Ocean Caribe and private sector businesses are partners.