PM Skerrit: More Imports Means Less Jobs

by: - January 14, 2020
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                                     Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

The Hon Minister for Finance, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit made a statement over the weekend hoping that consumers will buy less from overseas.

He told the nation that by ordering from overseas vendors, Dominicans are in essence exporting local employment.

“I think we are spending too much money ion imported items,” he shared. “You have to understand that every time you spend money on an imported item, you are sending foreign exchange out of our country. When you send the US dollars and Euros which we use to build our country, you are exporting our jobs and denying yourselves jobs.

“When you say, ‘Skerrit where are the jobs?’ each of us must examine our practises in terms of what we do with our money. Every time you buy something to import, you are in fact exporting our jobs out of Dominica.”

He added, “There is nothing wrong with free trade; I am a strong advocate but by the same token, we have to look at our consumption practices.”