Plans for Roseau Revitalisation Project: Arawak House of Culture, Urban Agriculture, Botanic Gardens+

by: - January 14, 2020
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Hon Parliamentary Representative for Roseau Central, Melissa Skerrit who is also Chair of the Roseau Revitalisation Project outlined her plans for the city under the Roseau Enhancement Project.

At a meeting on Monday, January 14th, Hon Mrs Skerrit along with the Hon Prime Minister and the Hon Minister for Urban Development and Housing discussed the ideas.

Five areas are said to be the targets of the Roseau project: aesthetics and recreation; business development and job creation; parking and relieving congestion; upgrading infrastructure, and improving accessing and inclusiveness.

The plans which she described are intended to revitalise Roseau and bring meaningful change to its inhabitants.

On the list is a playground and exercise track for the botanic gardens.

She acknowledged, “Most people will complain about parking and the congestion in the city. There will be government incentives for the private sector to build car parks. Designated bus stops have been assigned and there are plans for a Botanic Gardens bypass to relieve traffic in Roseau.

“In addition, widening High Street will complement both the bypass and the construction of a new government building.

Hon Mrs Skerrit continued, “There are also too many derelict houses and lots in Roseau. The government plans to work with property owners to enhance the capital’s aesthetics” with “urban agriculture utilizing the abandoned lots.”

The Arawak House of Culture received special mention hinting that the structure as it is may not be meeting the cultural needs of the country.

Hon Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit made a point of inviting the private sector to identify and tackle the needs of the city.

He also named the more immediate actions to be taken listing, “The improvement of the roadway, sidewalks, drainage, the undergrounding of the electrical and telephone lines.”

Hon Skerrit continued, “We have shown what the enhancement of Roseau would be like with the River Bank project and the riverside promenade. The next step of this project is to look at the Great George Street and then we move into Independence Street and then into King George V Street.

“We cannot do all the streets at the same time to exacerbate the situation that exists in the city and so we will do it street by street.”