Opportunities from Migration to be Discussed at ‘Eggs & Issues’ Event

by: - January 13, 2020
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Dominica’s perspective on migration and economic development is on an agenda for discussion in the upcoming days.

Dominica Association of Industry and Commerce in partnership with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) is prepared to hold a panel discussion at its Eggs and Issues event for 2020.

This is scheduled for Wednesday, January 22nd 2020 at the Prevost Cinemall Ballroom.

According to Executive Director of DAIC, Lizra Fabien, the two organizations believe that this discussion is important for Dominica’s economic development as well as for the diversification of the private sector and civil society.

Fabien says,The objectives of this event are: to understand the makeup of the migrant population in Dominica, discuss the effect of ongoing outward migration on Dominica’s development,  to explore the contribution of inward migration to economic growth, to understand the challenges faced by migrants in Dominica and explore solutions in order to sensitize the Dominican community for enhanced integration, and to explore communication mechanisms with migrants in emergency preparedness, response and recovery.”

She also disclosed the key topics for the discussion listing, “There are significant opportunities to be explored and challenges to be understood to address the pros and cons of a proactive migration policy. As such, as partners, we look forward to these discussions in addition to the contributions of all attendees.”

Fabien relayed that these objectives will be discussed by a panel of private sector and civil society leaders to produce solutions and for each guest to see their responsibility in harnessing migration for economic development.

The panel will be moderated by Natasha Greaves, Head of the International Office on Migration.

The panelists are the President of DAIC – Kenneth Green, the Labor Commissioner of Dominica – Dr. Matthew Leblanc, economist, McCarthy Marie, and agriculturist, Telford Shillingford.