Manufacturers Assc. Envisions Increased Production for Sustainable Employment and Export

by: - December 27, 2019
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            President of the Dominica Manufacturers Association, Severin McKenzie 

The Dominica Manufacturers Association (DMA) extends best wishes to all manufacturers and Dominicans, at Home and abroad, as we end another challenging year and enter into the third decade of the 21st century.

The Dominica Manufacturers Association recognizes the importance of the manufacturing sector to the sustainable growth of the economy and the linkages to agriculture, tourism and the services industry.

The wide variety of products imported into Dominica all originate from the manufacturing sector of foreign countries to whom we contribute to job creation and economic growth of other nations.

Since Hurricane Maria, the Dominican economy has experienced a significant reduction in exports and the manufacturing sector has lost numerous facilities such as Dominica Breweries and Beverages, Bello Products and many cottage industries that depend on coconuts             and other agricultural products for their operations.

The recently concluded second edition of the Strictly Local Christmas Village has triggered a glimmer of hope for producers of manufactured goods, art,   craft, wellness and other services, with the high quality of products and enthusiasm of the organizers that were on display at the event.

This is testimony to the fact that the Commonwealth of Dominica has an abundance of talent and resources to develop a sustainable manufacturing sector with products that meet international standards and suitable for the export market.

In this regard, the Dominica Manufacturers Association has decided to dedicate 2020 as the year “To Step up Production for Sustainable Employment and Export” and encourages the relevant authorities to declare the 2020 as the year for “Increased Production in Goods and Services” at the national level.

On December 2nd, 2019, the Dominica Manufacturers Association convened a Youth Symposium on manufacturing                 under the theme “Reigniting the Wheels of Production”, and as part of the recommendations for a follow up activity, on February 27th 2020 the Dominica Manufacturers

Association will convene another symposium, this time targeted at the visiting nationals who will be on island for the carnival celebrations. The symposium will focus on accelerating processes for manufacturers who are export ready, facilitate the return to production of those that are challenged and to encourage new players to the sector, because the Dominica Manufacturers Association is convinced that manufacturing is the path to sustainable development and prosperity of the Dominican economy.

The possibilities for job creation in the manufacturing sector are unlimited, if advantage is taken of the

resources that are available for agricultural production,                 exploration of    natural resources such as  water, sand and stones          ,   tourism, wellness and agro – processing. Dominica is fertile ground for the development of a new cadre of professionals dedicated to the advancement of the manufacturing sector such as, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, food technicians, graphic artists, sales and marketing experts, furniture designers, quality control technicians and the list goes on .

The DMA is pleased with recent developments at the Dominica Bureau of Standards where systems are in place for testing of the quality of products, which should lead to the creation of the Nature Island Brand with internationally accepted standards.

The Dominica Manufacturers Association intends to play a pro- active role in the advancement of the manufacturing sector throughout 2020 and will recommence operations of the Buy Dominica Super center at the Roseau Market, organize another Make Something To Sell aimed at the youth and towards the end of the year celebrate a             Buy Dominica Products Week where local products will be on display during the independence celebrations.

The Dominica Manufacturers Association remains committed to the economic development of the Commonwealth of Dominica and encourages the population to participate, assist, invest, or give a helping hand to the advancement of manufacturing on the island, which will result in employment creation and economic growth.

The Dominica Manufacturers Association compliments the manufacturers who have demonstrated true resilience in response to the many challenges and appeals to all          manufacturers, including agro-processors, furniture makers and all those who add value to products, to come together in a united front to carve the way       for the success of their facilities and for profitable enterprises.

The Dominica Manufacturers Association is confident of the future and calls for all hands on deck as we step into the decade of the 2020s. It is our expectation that the decade of the twenties will be one of increased development of Dominica’s products. Best wishes for a prosperous New Year and decade of the 20s .  God’s blessings.