PSU Secretary General Hurt, says Politics is Dividing Union

by: - December 13, 2019
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General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union (DPSU) Thomas Letang

Thomas Letang, General Secretary of the Dominica Public Service Union (PSU), says partisan politics is causing rifts in the organization and leading to his dissatisfaction with member participation.

He is dismayed that members do not wholeheartedly support the union’s advocacy its members.

Letang is certain that partisan politics is the cause.

He finds this approach by Dominicans, particularly members of the public service union, to be disheartening.

“Are we serious about moving this country forward?,” he asks, “We have to ask ourselves that question. I am fed up with some of you who think that every issue has to be a Labour or a United Workers Party thing, and associate that with the union.

“We think of development. We think of advancement of this country. Regardless of [which party] is there. We think of better working conditions and bettering the lives of our members. As leaders of the union, we are hurt when the members themselves are not always there with us, because we look ahead of things. We are hurt when we call meetings and we find that enough members do not come to support us. Do you think we are happy if a member says ‘I am not going to take part in something because I may lose a days work’? What is in a days work for you to lose if at the end you are going to benefit more than the 1 or 2 days salary that you would have lost?”

Letang maintains as fact, that regardless of which government were in office, the Public Service Union would have the same approaches to seeking address for its members’ grievances.

He said, “The record will show, that during the last election, there was no time that we met with any politician. I have no problem if we had met with politicians. I believe the union can meet with any politician, at any time, for discussion. But I’m saying, that last election, with God as my witness, there was no discussion with any political party on any matter.

“If the United Workers Party had won that election, and the problems that we are experiencing, the issues that we are experiencing, were still around, the positions that we have taken on a number of issues, and the approaches that we have taken would continue,” he asserted.

Thomas proclaimed, “It is time that as adults, we think intelligently and stop calling people and talking absolute nonsense. It is time we stop these things. Everything is a party thing.”