8,000 on Chartered Flights is Fake News, Ports Authority Says

by: - December 10, 2019
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Chief Executive Officer of the Dominica Air and Sea Port Authority (DASPA), Benoit Bardouille

The Dominica Air and Sea Ports Authority, DASPA, has released immigration information in response to the Opposition leader’s assertion that some 8,000 voters came in to Dominica to vote in Friday’s elections.

Right after the election results came in giving the Labour Party an 18-seat win, UWP Leader, Lennox Linton took to Facebook stating definitively that chartered flights brought in just enough voters to influence the election results in the DLP’s favour.

Daspa says not so.

Signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Benoit Bardouille, the statement describes the claims as erroneous and misleading.

He says the airport and sea port passenger activity from December 1 to December 6, 2019 brought 1,545 people into Dominica on 89 flights.

In 2018, the number was 1,152 on 72 flights.

Ferry passengers from Dec 1 to 6th, 2019 were 1,172 from 15 calls.

In 2018, for the same period, eleven calls brought 417 passengers.

The Air and Sea Ports Authority concludes that the total number of passengers arriving on the island by air and sea for the period totalled 2,717 persons.

The statement says, “if one were to assign all the passengers that arrive on the island during that period including children, visitors, business persons, it is impossible that figure represents the 8,000 persons referred to by the fake news agents.

“It can be clearly seen based on the information gathered that the statements of some 8,000 passengers arriving in Dominica to participate in the general elections of December 6, 2019 is erroneous, exaggerated, misleading and mischievous.”

The Chief Executive Officer of DASPA ends his statement by calling the agents to first get the facts.

Read the statement here: DASPA Passenger Information 12-09-2019