Business Symposium Postponed, DAIC says Consider Businesses and Jobs

by: - November 19, 2019
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DAIC Statement on Leadup to Elections
The DAIC as a private sector organization would like to caution all citizens and political parties and supporters to observe the tenets of peaceful exercise of their electoral franchise in the lead up to, and into the general election.
We have worked hard to survive and bounce back from the traumas of two destructive weather events which had significant adverse effects to individuals and business owners alike and we must remember the human catastrophe associated with the fallout of Hurricane Maria and the losses suffered. Our country has bounced back to regain a sense of normality because of the diligence and togetherness of the people of Dominica. Let us make every effort to ensure that this is preserved.
Any sequence of events which can and will compromise law and order in our country and which will create further shocks to the business community, and confidence in our country, will compromise jobs for locals and our economy and must be condemned. These events can and will also compromise investor confidence and will cause us quite easily to step back to the dark days of the immediate post Hurricane Maria catastrophe.
Equally, we urge that the security forces be guided by an even-handed approach to law enforcement. This means observing the preservation of peace and the protection of the citizenry, private and public property coupled with freedom of movement whilst respecting the rights of individuals to express themselves as is customary in a democracy. This marriage between responsible advocacy and responsible leadership is vital in order for this country to continue moving forward peacefully and to ensure that the private sector stays confident through the electoral process.
We also urge that responsibility be exercised in the circulation of imagery (both nationally and internationally) which purports scenes that may misrepresent the total view of current life in Dominica. We should all be mindful at all times of the power of instant media and the impressions it may give of the island, again compromising the livelihood of businesses large and small and eroding the confidence of the outside world in the entire country.
We must ensure that our actions today do not negatively affect our lives and livelihoods after this electoral period is over and that respect for law and order is paramount and essential at this time.