Partners for Portsmouth Marina, Anyone?

by: - October 30, 2019
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Government is issuing a challenge to business-minded Dominicans and/or companies to undertake construction of a yachting marina in Portsmouth.

The Hon Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit was speaking in the context of the private sector collaborating with Government to increase employment and development infrastructure for the benefit of the entire nation.

He had spoken favourably of the Dominican proprietor who proposed the idea of rebuilding Jungle Bay Villas and a hotelier who is also Dominican who brought Tranquility Beach Resort.

Both partnered with Government to make those ideas reality resulting in tourism and employment dollars redounding nationwide.

Discussion about a marina in Portsmouth has been ongoing for years since the Purple Turtle Beach near Cabrits is a popular mooring site.

Hon Prime Minister Skerrit who is also Finance Minister believes the initiative has merit.

“In Portsmouth in particular, at any given time you can have 100 to 160 yachts there. I recall one year there was 60-100 yachts and a group of people who came together and spent a whole week in Portsmouth. They rented vehicles and drove across Dominica. If we have the facilities to provide those services to them, we can improve on this [industry],” Hon Skerrit believes.

He says Government awaits proposals from the business community to work on that project.

“We have the studies and it is something that Government would like to do but I don’t believe Government should be in the private sector; things that the private sector should be doing should be left to the private sector.

“We would prefer to partner…on the construction of that marina and can we not use the Citizenship by Investment programme to raise the funding for the Marina?”

He also says there are several other industries open to investment and that every good idea will make a difference.