No More CBI with UWP- PM Skerrit

by: - October 14, 2019
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Hon. Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit

The Hon Prime Minister is warning voters that the Citizenship by Investment programme will be discontinued if the United Workers Party is voted in.

At a political rally in Laplaine on Sunday, October 13th, Honourable Prime Minister and Leader of the Dominica Labour Party, Roosevelt Skerrit predicted that within 18 months of United Workers Party’s election into office, the CBI Programme will cease to operate in Dominica.

Hon Skerrit asserted, “Vote for them and say goodbye to new roads, bridges and infrastructure. They would not be able to control the new operators of CBI; they have agreed to farm it out to one single agent in Dominica. Is that what the people…want?”

Through the CBI Programme, the Government has funding housing projects, road projects as well as agriculture projects across the island.

Honourable Skerrit called the electorate to challenge the UWP to present a plan describing their vision for the way forward as well as a list of its development allies.

He charged, “You do not wait until you have won to forge allies and alliances; voters should have a pretty good idea with whom you are planning to get into bed. Remember the saying, if you lie down with dogs, you’re likely to get up with fleas.”

He said to voters, “I urge you, when the UWP candidates come knocking on your door, ask them to set forth how they plan to fill those hundreds of hotel rooms coming onstream in Dominica very shortly. I want the people…to demand of Lennox Linton that he put flesh on the bones. We have had five years of negative campaigning, five years of anti-Roosevelt Skerrit rhetoric, five years of smear and innuendo; the United Workers Party needs now to come with substance.”