DBF statement on Maria’s 1st anniversary

by: - September 19, 2018
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Press Release

Roseau, Dominica, September 18, 2018 – For many, it was unthinkable that Dominica would revive and the private sector would survive; however, one year later, we have seen great and commendable recovery by our Private Sector.

In the morning of September 19th, 2017, Dominicans woke up to scenes of unprecedented devastation and destruction of our homeland by the most destructive climatic event in almost four decades. The loss of lives and livelihood was unmatched in our recent past. The Private Sector was subjected to additional misery via orchestrated looting and vandalism of property by public.

The DBF Inc. compliments the private sector enterprises that have demonstrated a sense of determination, against all odds, to get their businesses operational and specifically the utility companies such as DOWASCO, DOMLEC and the telecommunication companies who were in the forefront in bringing the country back to relative normalcy. Under very trying circumstances, many businesses reopened their doors and servicing customers again, unemployment has reduced compared to the reality after Maria.

Thanks to the determination of the people of the Commonwealth of Dominica, the Government of Dominica and the international community, one year later Dominica is back on the path of development.

The Dominica Business Forum Inc. reiterates its empathy to all those who lost relatives, friends and property as a result of the devastation of the hurricane.

The DBF Inc. is concerned about the apparent disregard for the loss suffered by the private sector as a result of looting in the aftermath of Maria, and the postured refusal by the political directorate to conduct an inquiry into the matter. The wounds inflicted on the private sector remain wide opened.

The DBF Inc. is also concerned about the procurement practices for public contracts awarded in the aftermath of Maria, for which the local private sector has been disenfranchised.

Whereas the DBF Inc. appreciates efforts by the Police in adopting zero tolerance for criminal activities for this year’s hurricane season, there is need for greater collaboration between the public and private sectors in addressing the continued challenges of Hurricane Maria and threats of future catastrophic events.

The DBF Inc. encourages the Private Sector to continue the great work in the rehabilitation process and also joins the God fearing people of the Commonwealth of D0minica in prayer as we continue the recovery process from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. God bless the Commonwealth of Dominica.