Cabrits Dive Centre reopens with a Certified Diving Programme

by: - September 3, 2018
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Press Release

Discover your inner explorer and relish in the beauty of a being in a whole new world under sea, at the
Five Star rated Cabrits Dive Centre which is owned and operated by a French couple who saw the need to properly educate and train persons interested in Diving. Speaking with the dive instructor at Cabrits
Dive Centre, she said the Dive Center was reopened in April 2017 and operations were started in June
2017, but they could not continue operations for sometime because of Hurricane Maria.

“Operations restarted in november 2017 with a voluntourism program and we came with new gear for the men and women to include mask, snuggle and regulators. “We do discover Scuba dive, we also do exploration dives and courses from Open Water Diver to Dive Master . With a Dive Master Certification You are able to work anywhere in the world with this certification, .” – Virginie, owner and Dive Instructor at Cabrits Dive Center.

Every Scuba diving classes are taught via theory and practical sessions. The theory sessions are held in a
classroom at the Dive Center via learning aids of DVD and television or even e-learning. Then the session
continues out in the Ocean after participants have been fitted with gear and oxygen tanks. They are then
taught how to breathe properly under water along with all the safety measures which need to be adhered to.
Various social bloggers and users praise the owners of the Dive Shop for the great work which they do at the Diver Center. One facebook user who commented on their facebook page wrote:

“The best Diving Center, Remi and Virginie are really friendly, and the dive sites are great! – NIcholas

Another Facebook user wrote: “I did six dives with Virginie and Remi. My footage from Pole to Pole and Toucari dive sites was superlative. They catered to all my needs in a fashion that they treat me like family. Most of the dives were close to hundred minutes. Their enthusiasm was infectious as they showed all the sea life in a way that I have never experienced before and I have done hundreds of dives. I will go back to dive so that I can document the very unique underwater splendours Dominica has to offer, knowing that I could not be in better hands” – Marcus Statilulis

On any given Dive, participant’s can expect to see the blue head brass, the yellow heads, butterfly fish,
the ocean sergeant fish, stingrays , lobsters and trumpet fish. Among the other life forms one can also
see sponges, corals of different colours such as red, orange, yellow and green.

Unlock your inner explorer and immerse yourself in a new world undersea where you experience the​ sense of being in a painting where the colours the wildness could not be entirely real.

Dominicans who are interested in Diving are being encouraged to sign up for classes at the Cabrits Dive
Center which is located in Picard Portsmouth, behind H.H.V Whitchurch and Co. Ltd. The numbers to contact the Cabrits Dive centre are – 1767 617 4077 or 1767 276 53 73 or