WTO and Ministry of Trade hosting stakeholder conference

by: - August 27, 2018
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The Ministry of Trade, Energy and Employment in collaboration with the World Trade Organization (WTO) are set to meet with stakeholders of the Ministry to discuss the link between trade and natural disasters.

In a media briefing on Monday 27 August 2018, Director of Trade Matthan Walter stated that the main aim of the meeting with the stakeholders to gain evidence on the relationship between trade and the recovery after a natural disaster.

Walter noted that with the assistance of the World Trade Organization (WTO), the ministry is embarking on a journey which would allow them to better understand and further analyze the links between trade and natural disasters.

He described the currently analysis of the relationship between trade and natural disasters as “piecemeal and fragmentary.”

“The aim is to collect as much evidence as possible so that one can properly document and explain the linkages , and then to use this evidence as a basis to outline the trade dimension to disaster response, recover and resilience,”  Walter stated.

He noted that the intention is to meet with stakeholders from the public sector, the private sector and the civil society.

A National Public Sector was held at the Prevo Cinemall at 10:30 am which was followed by a Private Sector Consultation at 2:15 to 4:30 pm at the same venue.

“The expectation is that stakeholders speak openly, frankly and honestly, about the impact of Hurricane Maria on their productive exercises,” Walter noted.

“Friends we have to face the facts, the frequency and severity of natural disasters is predicted to grow. We in Dominica are prone to hurricanes and wind systems. So we have to plan for the future consistently bearing this in mind,” Walter added.