Metal compactor to dispose waste arrives on island

by: - August 20, 2018
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Metal Compactor

A mobile metal compactor to process post-Hurricane Maria debris has arrived on island.

This follows the signing of a contract between government and a Venezuelan company to facilitate the disposal of this waste material.

During the Hurricane Maria clean-up phase, five areas were identified to dump the waste material to be shipped later for recycling.

Waste material to include galvanize, white goods; stove and fridges, and derelict and abandoned vehicles were being stored at sites in Grand Bay, La Plaine, Stockfarm, Marigot and Pointe Round, Portsmouth.

“To export the material in the manner in which it is it would not be prudent so you would have to process the material,” General Manager of the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation, Florian Mitchell told Dominica Vibes on Monday.

Pointe Round, Portsmouth (file photo)

“That is basically to deal with the material; to process it, to bail it, you compact it make it smaller in terms of size, and then the material will be export ready,” Mr. Mitchell explained.

He also informed that within the next two weeks there are a few more items that will be arriving on island to help process.
“But there are a few more items to arrive; excavators, dump trucks, so on and so forth,” he added.

The compactor, he noted, is mobile and therefore it can move to the various locations for clean-up.

It is anticipated that the mobile compactor will commence operations within the first or second week in September.

Mr. Mitchell informed that a full update on the whole clean-up of Post Maria debris on the island will be given subsequently by Minister of Environment, Joseph Isaac.