Stadium repairs to begin next week

by: - August 16, 2018
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Repair works on the Windsor Park Sports Stadium is scheduled to begin next week with the expectation that it will be completed in time for staging the 2018 World Creole Music Festival (WCMF).

The Windsor Park Sports Stadium suffered significant damage during the passage of Hurricane Maria, leaving the players pavilion destroyed, as well as the media center, and the roof of the stands. The security wall around the stadium was also compromised, as well as stadium lights.

Trinidadian company, N.H International was awarded the contract to undertake the repairs.

“It is going to be a huge project, worth about over seven million dollars funded by the Government, and the project is expected to last six to eight weeks. The aim is to have it ready and have the facility prepared in time for the WCMF,” Stadium Manager, Gafford Joseph stated during an interview with Vibes News.

He added that the players pavilion has to be totally redone, as well as “the entire stadium security perimeter wall, which was compromised totally, so we are totally rebuilding that wall along with the gates”.

“So right across the facility, including fencing and so on; so it’s quite an extensive amount of work to be done on the stadium,” he noted.

Joseph appealed to the public to stay out of the stadium during this rehabilitation process for safety reasons.

“They have been cooperating with us so far, and I want to ask them to continue supporting us, because actually one of the reasons is for safety because there are chemicals being applied to the field in terms of the restoration and treatment of the fields,” Joseph explained.

“So this is one of the reasons why we encourage people to stay away, and don’t come on the premises. So we would really appreciate the support and cooperation from the general public,” Joseph added.