Give All Saints University ‘due credit’ for staying in Dominica

by: - August 13, 2018
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Dr Clayton Shillingford (file photo)

The All Saints University School of Medicine should be given credit for keeping its operations here, following Ross University’s decision to leave, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr Clayton Shillingford has said.

The All Saints University School of Medicine has been operating here since 2006 and relocated temporarily to St. Vincent and the Grenadines following the passage of Hurricane Maria.

The school returned its operations here in April 2018 after effecting repairs necessary after the passage of Hurricane Maria.

“I have to say at the outset that I was pleasantly surprised that All Saints, as a Dominican institution, decided to stay the course and to stay here as a major partner with the Dominican government and to provide education to students who are interested in becoming doctors,” Dr. Shillingford said.

He was speaking at the thirty-fourth white coat ceremony of the All Saints University School of Medicine on 11 August 2018.

Dr Shillingford said any institution that is making a contribution to the number of doctors available to provide health care is admirable as “we need a lot of doctors all over the world” to provide medical health care to citizens of the world.

Speaking briefly on the incidents of Hurricane Maria, Dr. Shillingford said the All Saints University remained here while the Ross University School of Medicine made a different decision, “for whatever their particular business reasons were, they elected that they could not stay here anymore”.

“All Saints is here, you stayed the course and for that particular decision the government and the people of Dominica must give the owners and the leadership of All Saints due credit,” Dr. Shillingford stated.

“Due credit is also due to the faculty who are here and who also made the decision to stay the course and to provide the services that you the students would require,” Dr Shillingford added.