Housing projects contracted to MMCE are ‘real’

by: Dominica Vibes News - August 7, 2018
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Christopher Timmins, Project Manager of Montreal Management Consultants EST (MMCE)

Projects undertaken by Montreal Management Consultants EST (MMCE) are real, Project Manager Christopher Timmins has said.

He made this statement while presenting the Vieille Case Housing and Community Projects during a symposium there on Sunday 5 August 2018.

“Sometimes people doubt the existence of the projects and think they are PR exercises. Every project I’ve mentioned that we’re involved in is a real project, is on the ground and is happening,” Timmins said.

He showed picture evidence to those present on the progress being made on the various projects.

The project at Bellevue Chopin, he said, is the most advanced with some of the facilities to be handed over to residents in about four weeks’ time.

“We have three hundred and forty residencies in Bellevue Chopin with the first residencies online to be handed over on the 31st of August. There’s a new farmers’ market, a new community center, there’s a shopping mall.”

One of the dwelling houses at Bellevue Chopin (Housing Dominica Facebook)

Work continues to advance in Georgetown, Cotton Hill and in the east on residencies and community facilities.

“Georgetown phase 1 sixty-eight residencies, phase 2 a hundred and sixty-eight residencies, public services buildings, emergencies services buildings, fire station, commercial units, theatres and local government offices [and] Cotton Hill, sixty-eight residencies,” he said.

Apartment units will be constructed in Delices, San Sauveur, Grand Fond, La Plaine and Castle Bruce; each with sixty-six residencies.

Meanwhile in Roseau, the Roseau City Square will comprise of a hundred and thirty-five residencies and fifteen retail units. Timmins revealed that contracts have been exchanged with the main contractor for this project and is due to start very soon.

In Vieille Case thirty residencies, a community center and a health center will be constructed by MMCE.