Dominica Brewery introduces new business model

by: - August 3, 2018
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(Press Release) Roseau, Dominica. August 1, 2018 Dominica Brewery & Beverages Limited recently announced its decision to make adjustments to their business model due to their inability to operate its brewery and water production line, as a result of the serious damage suffered during the impact of Hurricane Maria in September 2017.

“Today the company needs to make adjustments to its current business model in order to continue facing this situation. This modification to our operation involves the departure of employees from the Brewery,” said Dominica Brewery & Beverages Limited through a public statement.

The company assured that the affected employees will receive all the benefits contemplated and established in the Labour Laws of Dominica, plus job relocation services, as well as the opportunity to participate in an entrepreneurship program that will allow them to make the most of this new stage.

In addition, the Company guarantees its presence in the country in the long run. “Dominica Brewery & Beverages Limited has full confidence in the future of the country and demonstrates it by reiterating its firm commitment to contributing to national social and cultural development for the benefit of all”.

Dominica Brewery & Beverages Limited is a long-standing brewery in Dominica that has consistently contributed to the progress and well-being of Dominicans, supporting and promoting events and activities in the country.

Its product portfolio includes the brands Kubuli, Guinness, Vita Malt, among others.