ReDiscover Dominica Staycation 2018

by: - July 23, 2018
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(Press Release) Roseau, Dominica – (July 23, 2018) – Discover Dominica Authority is pleased to invite all Dominicans to experience and indulge in Staycation 2018 – the ReDiscover Dominica edition. Staycation summer deals and packages will run from July 23rd to September 30th 2018.

All are urged to redsicover Dominica and experience our Nature Island in rejuvenated splendour and enjoy a staycation with a difference at one of the island’s longstanding participating hotels or opt for one of the beautifully furnished, modern, self-contained apartments in the north in Picard, Portsmouth.

Offers range from 5% up to 40% discount at hotels and apartments to make your experience enjoyable and affordable during the summer season. Patrons are encouraged to participate in exhilarating tours, rejuvenate their minds and bodies at one of the hot springs, experience whale watching in the south or north, horseback riding through the rainforest and on Purple Turtle Beach, canyoning, scuba diving, hiking, visit the Kalinago Territory, waterfall expeditions, bird watching at Syndicate, Indian River Safari, beach limes or one may simply participate in a Voluntourism activity.

In addition, all are also being invited to take advantage of the opened restaurants, cafes, bars, and hang out spots island-wide, an exciting opportunity to entice your taste buds and enjoy the island’s local delicacies and scrumptious meals.

Tourism Director, Colin Piper says Staycation 2018, offers that unique opportunity for nationals and returning nationals alike to experience the island’s varied tourism product.

The service providers are again ready to offer their great service, warmth and hospitality to an eagerly anticipating local clientele wanting to take advantage of the special summer vacation excursion dubbed ‘Staycation.’

For more details about these fantastic offers visit: Or call 1-767 255 8221.