NCCU elects executive officers for the year 2018 -2019

by: - July 11, 2018
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President, Josephine Dublin

(Press Release) The Board of Directors, Supervisory and Compliance Committee and the Credit Committee of the National Cooperative Credit Union Ltd (NCCU) met recently to elect executive officers for the Year 2018-2019.

Josephine Dublin continues to head the Board of Directors as President supported by Sonia Williams who was elected to the office of Vice President. Candia-Carette-George was re-elected to the office of Secretary and Gerald Fregiste was elected as Treasurer.

Vice President, Sonia Williams

The Board is entrusted with the general direction, control and management of the Society in keeping with the Co-operative Societies Act No. 2 of 2011 and the Co-operative Societies Regulations S.R.O. No. 26 of 2001.

At the meeting of the Supervisory and Compliance Committee, Evadney Esprit was re-elected to head this Committee as Chairperson. She will be assisted by Secretary, Hannah LeBlanc-Pierre.

Cherika Lockhart-Hypolite, Chairperson, Credit Committee & Evadney Esprit, Chairperson, Supervisory & Compliance Committee

Two officers on the Credit Committee were re-elected. Cherika Lockhart-Hypolite and Keturah Deschamps will continue to coordinate the Committee’s work and activities as Chairperson and Secretary respectively.

The NCCU Board of Directors and the Committees each consist of no more than thirteen (13) members who are elected at the annual general meeting.

The composition of the Board and Committees can be viewed at