Policy changes being made to keep Dominica clean

by: - June 29, 2018
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Derelict vehicles, like this one parked on Hillsborough Street in Roseau, will be targeted in these new changes

A decision has been taken to outsource garbage collection to the private sector so that the Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation (DSWMC) can function with greater efficiency.

This is among policy changes being made by the new Minister for the Environment, Climate Resilience, Disaster Management and Urban Renewal, Joseph Isaac.

According to the minister, the changes include clearing of vacant lots and derelict vehicles, implementation of litter and parking wardens and enforcement of garbage collection across the island, especially in the City.

“We did some significant work in the clean-up of vacant lots; we didn’t just do a surface clean, you will see real in depth, thorough cleaning of those lots and we removed some derelict vehicles,” Minister Isaac informed.

As part of these changes, all derelict vehicles across the country will be flagged by the Solid Waste Management Corporation. It will also be responsible for identifying locations where these derelict vehicles can be disposed of.

If the vehicle owner fails to remove it as directed by the Corporation, government will have them removed. A company will be engaged to dispose of these derelict vehicles .

As part of the implementation of these policy changes, Minister Isaac warned that government will be making “some radical decisions on enforcement”.

“So we’ll have litter wardens and we’re trying to look at the issue of parking so the litter wardens will play a double role they might also be parking wardens too,” he stated.

The Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation will focus on advocacy of these new changes for a two month period before it commences enforcement.

“I want people to understand, I don’t want anyone to become the first to pay a five thousand dollar fine for littering,” Minister Isaac said and emphasized that the policy changes will be enforced.