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BudgEat : Share food, Score points and Save.

by: - June 1, 2018
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Press Release

Roseau – June 1st, 2018 – Available today, the BudgEat app is launching three new features that promise to enhance Food Business solutions (Food Vendors of varying scopes, small – large) and deliver a revamped approach to Consumer loyalty.

The new features:

– BUDGEAT TIMELINE, showcase a Social feed of Meal suggestions posted by users.

Anyone who downloads the app and creates a FREE account can start posting bargain meals found around their neighborhood. Each post submitted, gains them One (1) Instant point. And each point represents $0.50, which can be cashed in for local goods or services. This also benefits Food Businesses, in the fact that it allows for indirect advertisement, in the most natural way possible; through word-of-mouth.

– BUDGEAT ITEMS, allows users to redeem points for, or buy goods directly through the platform.

Points accumulated by post submissions or in-app games, like the BudgEat Trivia, allow users to cash in for items like Third Wheel shots and/or Berta’s Home-made sweets (Coconut Tables, etc.).

In the future we plan on adding even more products as well as Services. Interested Businesses can contact us through our website @

– BUDGEAT MEALS, provides a platform for Food vendors to showcase and manager their menus.

Having a Restaurant’s menu publicly displayed and accessible to customers provides trust in the brand and increase sales.

Businesses who sign up to this feature gets a pick-up and delivery package. Along with tools (for users) within the app, which makes placing an Order as seamless as possible.

BudgEat is available on the Android App store (a 5mb lightweight download) and at

The BudgEat app is founded and developed by Austin Lazarus, a web and mobile developer from the Commonwealth of Dominica.