Range Development donates $100,000 to CALLS Centre

by: - May 24, 2018
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The Center where Adolescents Learn to Love and Serve (CALLS) has been gifted one hundred thousand EC dollars ($100, 000.00) by Range Developments Limited.

The donation, presented to the Director of CALLS Centre, Olivia Douglas during a ceremony held at the CALLS Center in Portsmouth on Wednesday 23 May 2018, will assist with reconstruction of the center which was damaged during the passage of Hurricane Maria..

“We are starting with the construction of the roof; it’s the second roof, but I am hoping that this one would last more, because we lost one in Maria, and we lost one in sea blasts,” Development Director of Range Developments, Kamal Shehada stated.

Shehada informed that Pacific Hope, a medical ship that’s been helping in the hurricane relief effort, has joined in the effort to reconstruct the centre.

He indicated that Pacific Hope “has a great team who are giving good work to the island and helping people, so they will be joining with you instead of getting paid for labor, they will be erecting the roof here and I think that they are very proficient in this thing”.

Shehada said the amount donated might not be enough to totally reconstruct the centre and therefore they will are adding more resources.

Nevertheless, he called on the students and parents to come and assist with the project when they have the time.

“I think the families especially have the responsibility of teaching our children, and they have to do it themselves so they learn from them; they cannot be idle. Come and work, even if it’s just carrying the nails, come and work,” Shehada encouraged.

“So this is my hope and the hope also for our team. Bring in whoever you can bring in so that we can expedite the process, and hopefully save some money to use somewhere else,” he added.

Range Development is hopeful that this donation is the start of a continuing partnership to help the students succeed.

Range Development Limited is an investment and hospitality company, operating across the Eastern Caribbean, which focuses on the development of hospitality destinations.

It has ventured into an investment partnership with the Government of Dominica to develop the Cabrits Kempinski Resort which is under construction.