Grotto residents to move to new location soon

by: - May 17, 2018
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The new Grotto at Belvue Rawle (Photo credit: the Sun Newspaper)

A date has been set for the residents of the Grotto Home for the Homeless to move into their new abode.

The residents are currently housed at the Old Dominica Club House on High Street, Roseau; however a new accommodation which can accommodate one hundred persons has been constructed at Bellevue Rawle in Stockfarm.

“We finally have a date, we’re making our arrangements to move all our residents the last weekend of May, so that will be before the hurricane season, the 25th, 26th, 27th,” GROTTO Board Member and Coordinator for the moving project, Parry Bellot announced during a press conference held on Wednesday 16 May 2018.

According to Bellot, the Board will be soliciting the support of the Dominica Red Cross, the Fire and Ambulance Services, Commonwealth of Dominica Police Force and the Ministry of Social Services as “it’s going to be quite an operation”.

Construction of that new home commenced in April 2012 and has been completed for some time but the residents remained housed at the Roseau location.

“And I’ve actually taken the decision to make sure everything comes to pass, I say to make sure because we have always had maybe good reasons why we’ve delayed the move or it couldn’t happen,” Bellot said.

The only delay, Bellot envisions, is if the Dominica Fire and Ambulance Services advises that the moving dates chosen are not convenient to them, “but generally speaking we are committed to that weekend”.

The GROTTO Home Board recognizes that there will be some financial cost involved in moving into the new home and getting the new accommodation in habitable condition for the residents.

He noted that “whatever bad condition the new place is in, it’s a lot better than where they are right now” and they want to ensure that the residents are safe and protected ahead of the Hurricane Season set to commence on 1 June.

“Since Maria there’s been a lot of destruction to our roofing and so on, there were some minor repairs done but not enough, but we got a construction company and we’ve established what need to be done, what essential repairs, what water leaks, the piping that needs to be fixed up,” Bellot explained.

After Hurricane Maria a number of Bellevue Rawle residents occupied the Grotto Home and according to Bellot, only two have remained there.