DIGICEL restores home TV and Internet in key locations

by: - December 11, 2017
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Press Release

Wednesday, 6th December, 2017 – Roseau, Dominica: Digicel has been successful in restoring Home TV and Internet services in key areas on the island. Roseau and the surrounding areas of Bath Estate and Pottersville can once again enjoy their favourite TV shows and connect online to the people and things they love.

Digicel customers in areas still to be re-connected, are urged to keep their equipment – namely the modems and set top boxes – safely secured. However, in the eventuality that their equipment has been damaged, Digicel will replace the equipment, at no additional cost.

As the reactivation of Digicel’s Home TV and Internet continues, subscribers should also be mindful that Digicel can only re-engage their services after power has been returned by the Dominica Electricity Services Ltd (Domlec) to the customers affected.

Digicel’s engineers remain hard at work on total network restoration in the shortest possible time.