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November month end date set for launch of new core Tv service from Marpin

by: Dominica Vibes News - November 14, 2017
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General Manager of FLOW, Jeffery Baptiste

Stating the company’s intention to not rebuild the old infrastructure of Marpin Telecoms, new owners Cable and Wireless Communications has set the end of November as the launch date for its new core television services.

Speaking at the daily press briefing on Monday 13 November 2017, General Manager of FLOW, Jeffery Baptiste said a significant portion of the Marpin network was destroyed and severely impacted by Hurricane Maria.

“So all the fixed infrastructure, the poles would have been devastated. From a fixed infrastructure standpoint, the Marpin building at Morne Daniel was severely damaged, the studio is totally destroyed,” he revealed.

Therefore, the company he said has to remobilize and re-strategize in terms of how to deliver their Tv product.

“The good news is, once we had completed the acquisition… of Marpin Telecoms in May 2017 we did in fact pronounce that the intent was to build a more superior and more first world if you will cable Tv product for the Dominica market and that was the intent. We were well on our way in terms of building on that plan and obviously hurricane Maria, reshuffled everyone’s deck of cards including ours,” he said.

Baptiste said when their cable Tv, under Marpin is relaunched it will be a new product.

“We will not attempt to repair the Marpin infrastructure as it existed prior to hurricane Maria, we feel it makes very little sense to do that based on the core objective we had to redevelop and to remediate that network and so we’re putting all our resources and our planning into building out a new television product and this is what we are working towards delivering,” he expounded.

He also stated that by the end of November customers can expect a core Tv product that will be ready for distribution.

“The distribution and the rate of distribution will be dependent on several variables in terms of power restoration across the island, the physical infrastructure in terms of how we deliver the core Tv product to various distribution points that will be set in motion,” he said.