Scotia Bank’s operations described as fairly well

by: Dominica Vibes News - October 20, 2017
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Operations at Scotia Bank have been described as going fairly well following the passage of Hurricane Maria.

Country Manager Paula Harts told Vibes News on Friday 20 October 2017, that the bank has been opened to members of the public for a few weeks.

“Customers have been a steady flow a lot of concerns around insurances all claims have already passed on to our assessors who are on the ground and making their way to people home so we expect to have payment within another two to three weeks who have put in claims for those who haven’t we encourage you to come quickly as possible and bring them so we can get that done and over with while the guys are on the ground,” she explained.

Harts said many of the bank’s customers have come in to report lost credit cards, debit cards and cheque books. In that regard, they have been working with them issuing new cards while cancelling the old ones for security purposes.

She added that all ATM’s are functional in Roseau and Portsmouth enabling persons to have access to money 24/7.

Meanwhile the bank will start a new program on Monday October 23, 2017 which will give persons who have credit facilities with the bank a payment waiver.

“We’ve given them a three month waiver so those who have credit facilities they will make their original monthly payments not until January 2018,” she said.

Those who wish to not have the waiver applied should speak with their loan officers at the bank.

Harts added that initial challenges were with electricity and water explaining that they suffered damage to their generator during the passage of the hurricane.