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by: - January 9, 2017
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Jeanette Rabess-KFC Operations Manager, Mrs. Roach-Managing Director of CHANCES

Press Release

We are a company that believes in giving back to the communities in which we serve both locally and globally, using the Add Hope platform allows KFC’s huge heart to shine.

The idea of Adding Hope is to ensure that we at KFC do our part as both global and local citizens and give back to the communities we serve. Our vision is that our work under the Add Hope platform will change our world, one neighborhood at a time.

In October 2016, an Add Hope campaign was launched at KFC, Add Hope is one global branded platform that focuses on two key area’s where we believe we at KFC can have the most impact – these are; Ending World Hunger and Championing Growth Opportunities.

The two key activation areas under Ending World Hunger is, continued support of our ongoing relationship with the World Food Program, and extending relationships to support local hunger causes through local partnerships.

The World Food Program is actually the largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger worldwide, and Yum the parent company of KFC is the single largest private donor to the cause, with KFC being the biggest contributing brand to the pool. The WFP supports countries by providing emergency food in disaster situations, school feeding programmes and more.

Jeanette Rabess-KFC Operations Manager, Mrs. Roach-Managing Director of CHANCES and other staff members of CHANCES

From the Add HOPE campaign $5,386.00 was raised thru different avenues such as KFC menu offer, Staff Jeans Day and Customer contribution thru cash tins at KFC. As part of the campaign, 70% of the monies raised is to be donated to a local organization that helps to feed the less fortunate and 30% contributed to WFP. This year CHANCES was chosen to be the benefactor. CHANCES is a non- profit organization that provides emergency shelter in a safe environment for children and young people in need of care and protection in order that the children/young people can maximize their full potential.

On Monday January 9th, KFC Operations Manger Jeanette Rabess presented CHANCES with a check valued at $3,770.00, which is 70% of the $5,386.00 raised in the Add HOPE campaign. Mrs. Rabess, said that KFC is able to make this generous contribution to CHANCES from the support the Add HOPE campaign received from KFC customers and staff members of the Karl Nassief Group of companies.

Mrs. Roach, Managing Director of CHANCES, thanked Mrs Rabess and the entire KFC team for choosing CHANCES to be the benefactor of the 2016 Add HOPE campaign. She said that the money will be used to meet the Add HOPE platform, as it will be used to help with one of CHANCES biggest and #1 expense, purchasing of food items to feed the residents.

Every year KFC sets strategic business goals and community goals. Thru the Add HOPE platform, KFC will continue to work with the communities and organizations to ensure that persons are given the opportunity to grow and be contributing members of our beautiful island Dominica. KFC recently observed it 10-year anniversary under the leadership of Fine Foods Inc.